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Theme duplication
  • Hello,

    We want to make different designs of theme for year's seasons (winter, summer,...) and we want to duplicate theme. What measures should we take? Is it enough just to change /maximus theme folder to /summer ? Should we also duplicate child folder as /summer-child ?

    Thanks in advance for your support.
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  • I don't know exactly what differences shold be between style variations for summer, winter etc.

    Generally you can use style feature (this override default setting in admin panel). But to advise right sollution I must know more details.

    Please send me scenario on

    Maybe we find sollution.


  • Sent mail. Thanks for your fast support and congrats for your work.

    Keep the good job!!
  • Thanks for nice words :).

    If we talks about theme customization I  would only short explain CSS hierarchy (the order of loading). It can be useful by any theme styling.

    1. All main CSS style (template.css stuf.css, wp.css wp-extension.css etc

    2. Than is loaded override.css (if you turn on this feature in Template Options --> Advanced tabs). By default is empty but can be used for small modifications.

    3. Dynamically added CSS based on Template options settings. At the end of this CSS stylesheet is added code from Custom CSS Code field)

    4. CSS file asigned to style (selected in Template Options-->Layout).

    If you have in mind this hierarchy you can play with css on different ways. Please note only that some of properties are set in CSS as !important so can't be easy overriden in later loaded CSS stuff.




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